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Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018)

Many people get stuck because they chose meditation designed for monks. Yes, these practices worked in rural Asia centuries ago because you did not have to worry about your kids, your career, that looming project that’s due — or juggling all of the modern world’s many responsibilities.


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Mindvalle - The M Word (Jun 2018)Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018)

This program is for the 90% of us who meditate or want to, but want to take their practice to the NEXT level and turn Meditation into a tool to Upgrade their Performance at Life.

More than half the people who first start meditation, give up because of misinformation that is often attached to the practice. Perhaps you too have experience this, for example:

  1. You can’t seem to stay awake during meditation.
  2. You find it hard to focus or clear your mind of thoughts.
  3. The practice seems boring and you seem to ‘get nothing’ out of it.

We don’t blame you. Meditation today is clouded by a number of myths that no longer apply.

Instead, what you’ll find with The M Word is an approach that is:

  1. So effective it takes a mere minutes, but adds hours in productivity to your day
  2. Does not require you “to clear your mind” or “focus on the breathe” like so many meditation cliches.
  3. Is so much fun, you’ll start to look forward to your practice every day.

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You’ve NEVER been taught meditation this way before.

Emily Fletcher, creator of The M Word, found herself in her dream job on Broadway. It gave her the thrill of being on stage, the lights, the stardom, but despite all of this, something was missing. After years in her supposed dream job she found herself burnt out. Tired. Even her hair was going gray at the age of 27.

One particularly stressful night Emily found the courage to ask a fellow performer what her secret was. This lady puzzled Emily. She was playing leads roles but always had a calm, beautiful presence to her. Nothing seemed to faze her and it showed in her confidence levels and her performance on stage.

“How do you do it?” Emily asked.

“Easy darling. I meditate. You ought to try it too.”

Those 10 words started Emily on a Quest that would ultimately change her.

And the face of Modern meditation.

But if it’s so easy? Why is it that most people do not meditate? Emily went on a mission to find the answer to the question. What she found led to one of the most amazing meditation programs in the world today.

If You’re Struggling with Meditation You’re Likely Confusing Ancient and Modern Practices

You may have noticed that every time you sit down to try and meditate, your mind starts wandering quickly and you lose ‘focus’. Instead of being the vehicle for bliss that it is, meditation turns into an endless loop of “loss of focus” that makes you feel upset.

It’s not your fault.

You were simply trying the wrong kind of meditation.

You see, there are two types of meditation:

  1. Meditation designed for monks, and
  2. Meditation for the modern world.

Many people get stuck because they chose meditation designed for monks. Yes, these practices worked in rural Asia centuries ago because you did not have to worry about your kids, your career, that looming project that’s due — or juggling all of the modern world’s many responsibilities.

Modern meditation on the other hand is a self-care practice so innocent, so playful, and so enjoyable that’s designed to get rid of the old stress stored in your body so you can perform better at life.

As Emily Fletcher says:

“The point of meditation is to get good at life. NOT to get good at Meditation.”

Which is what led her to create…

The M Word, A Meditation Framework For The Modern World That is Fresh, Resourceful And Gives Remarkable Results

The M Word is designed to supercharge your performance both personally and professionally.

Sort of like a powerful, but invisible scaffolding that supports you as you climb higher and higher in your quest to expand your potential and contribute back to the world.

And you can get this framework installed in you in the span of 33 days,


This Is Not Just A Course — It’s a 33 Day Coaching Program on Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Platform (So You Learn At Up To 500% Better Than Conventional Courses)

So here’s what we found.…

The traditional way of taking courses is: you invest in a course, and you study it by yourself in your own time for about 8-10 hours. Some might do it over a weekend, and some others might stretch it out over several months.

But you’re doing it by yourself, and it lacks accountability and excitement.

Get Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018) at the CourseAvai

The M Word is run on Mindvalley’s Quest learning platform, so what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with thousands of others under real-time guidance from Emily Fletcher.

Here’s How Quest Works

1. Everyone Starts On The Same Day (June 4th 2018, in this case)

Our entire community starts on the same day because Emily will be coaching you daily. By learning as part of a group we found that students have far more fun get better results.

2. Daily Guidance to Create Gradual Change (33 days for The M Word)

Each day’s learning offers a simple step that will move you towards the goal you’ve set for this program.

3. Micro-Learning: Fits Even Your Busiest Days

No more finding time to pour through 10-hour courses. Set aside 10-20 minutes a day, each day for 33 days.

4. Incorporates community learning for maximum results

All our students connect in a community to support each other in growth.

Instructor Profile

Meet Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in meditation. She’s been invited to teach at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, A-Fest & The Omega Center.

But that is a stark contrast to the busy, stressed Broadway performer that she was years earlier. During her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers & A Chorus Line, she began going gray at 27, suffered from insomnia and was getting sick 4-5 times a year.

Thankfully, she discovered a powerful meditation practice that cured her insomnia and improved her health on the first day. Her transformation was so dramatic that she felt inspired to share it with others.

After years of studying ancient practices in India and teaching thousands of high performers, Emily created Ziva Meditation, a mental technique that combines the stress-relieving benefits of meditation with the mental clarity of mindfulness. She takes the woo-woo out of meditation and makes it attractive and easy to implement.

Emily’s style of meditation attracts many top performers. Graduates include Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winners, as well as NBA athletes, CEO’s, busy parents and everyone in between.

Get Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018) at the CourseAvai


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Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018)
Mindvalle – The M Word (Jun 2018)


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