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Daniel Hall & John Kremer – Real Fast Social Graphics

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Daniel Hall and John Kremer - Real Fast Social GraphicsDaniel Hall & John Kremer – Real Fast Social Graphics

No matter what kind of book you have written or product you have created or service you offer, Pinterest can send a ton of avid customers to your website, sales page, email squeeze page, Amazon book page, Clickbank product link, etc…

1. Pinterest is high traffic. Pinterest hit 10 million U.S. unique visitors per month faster than any other site in history.
Pinterest now has over 200 million monthly active users, 70 million monthly users in the United States.

2. Pinterest is viral. Pinterest is designed to be viral. 80% of pins are repins. Repins are what makes Pinterest incredibly viral.
Each repin exposes an image to more people who, in turn, repin the image (and their followers, in turn, repin the image).

3. Pinterest pins last a long time. Unlike tweets that last a few minutes or Facebook posts that last a day, pins can last years.
The half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1680 times longer than the half-life of Facebook posts (Wisemetrics and Piqora).
Pinterest gives its users more opportunities to find content, and those opportunities are what increase the lifetime value of pins.

4. Pinterest offers targeted traffic. By design Pinterest encourages people to share their interests via specific boards.
That’s why traffic from Pinterest is so targeted: Because it comes from specific interest boards.

5. Pinterest is designed to sell things. Pinterest users pin the things they long for, things they love, things that excite them, things (and services) they want to buy.
Pins with prices get 36% more likes than pins without a price (Pinterest).
Each pin generates on average 78 cents in sales (Ripen Ecommerce).

6. Pinterest users are buyers. Pinterest users spend 70% more than visitors referred to a site from other social networks.
The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 — higher than other social platforms. Pinterest is the second highest driver of social media traffic to Shopify. 87% of Pinterest users have bought something online after browsing pins. 93% use Pinterest to plan purchases.

6. Pinterest users are buyers II.
50% of Pinterest users have an income of $50,000 or more. 10% of Pinterest users have an income over $125,000.
The average checkout value of social shoppers is $140+ for Pinterest, $80 for Facebook, and $60 for Twitter (Ripen Ecommerce).

7. Pinterest users are early adopters. Pinterest users are early tech adopters. 33% of women on Pinterest have bought consumer electronics in the past 6 months

8. Pinterest is a crystal ball. Before things hit the mainstream, people on Pinterest are pinning things about hot topics and products.
Pins that are related to trending topics see an increase in click-throughs of 94%.
If you need ideas for books or products or services that sell, check out Pinterest’s popular pins and trends…

Module 1: Power Pinning On Pinterest (12 Lessons + Downloads)

Module 2: How To Create Pins (14 Lessons + Downloads)

Module 3: Building Your Profile and Followers On Pinterest (6 Lessons)

Module 4: How To Monetize With Pinterest (6 Lessons)

Module 5: Minute Training Sessions (4 Lessons)

Module 6: Bonuses (Templates, Canva Training, Trial Software and More!)

Module 1 – Power Pinning On Pinterest

  •  Introduction: 23 Reasons Why You Should Be Active On Pinterest
  •  Tip-O-Graphics – The Most Powerful Pin Style
  •  Quote Graphics – Works For Any Market and The Easiest Style To Get Into
  •  Videos – How You Can Utilize Videos With Your Pinterest Account
  •  Photos – How Photos Can Be Used To Make Great Pinterest Graphics
  •  The Value of Repins – Repins Are One Of Your Most Powerful Allies
  •  Key Pinning Tips – Pin Properly And Your Efforts Can Pay Off In Spades
  •  GIF’s – See How Pinterest Is Even Allowing GIF’s To Help Grow Your Brand
  •  Adding  a Pin – How To Actually Set Up Your Pins
  •  How To Pin From Facebook
  •  Optimizing Pins From Blog Posts
  •  How To Add Metadata To Images
  •  PDF Downloads – PDF Downloads Associated With The Training

Module 2 – How To Create Pins

  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 1)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 2)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 3)
  •  Creating Tip-O-Graphics Using Microsoft Word
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using Buffer (Part 1)
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using Buffer (Part 2)
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using TypeSlab
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 1)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 2)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 3)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 4)
  •  Creating Graphics Using Canva Tutorial
  •  Success Quotes (163 Page E-Book Full Of Success Quotes)
  •  Downloadable Powerpoint Templates
  •  How To Use TV Listings To Ride The Wave Of Celebrity
  •  How To Create Cinemagraphs Using Powerpoint

Module 3 – Building Your Profile and Followers On Pinterest

  •  Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile
  •  Setting Up Pinterest Boards
  •  Pinterest Board Variety
  •  Pinterest Group Boards
  •  Pinterest Analytics
  •  Determining Buyer Keywords
  •  General Documents

Module 4 – How To Monetize With Pinterest

  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 1)
  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 2)
  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 3)
  •  How To Cloak Your Links
  •  Pinterest For Novelists (Part 1)
  •  Pinterest For Novelists (Part 2)

Module 5 – Minute Training Sessions

  •  How to Create a Board Showcase (Slider) for Your Pinterest Profile
  •  How To Create a Group Board On Pinterest
  •  How to Accept Group Board Invitations
  •  How to Use Hashtags in Your Pin Descriptions

Module 6 – Bonuses

  •  5 Canva Bonus Templates
  •  Copycat Canva Covers
  •  3 Month Free Trial To BoardBooster Software

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Daniel Hall & John Kremer – Real Fast Social Graphics
Daniel Hall & John Kremer – Real Fast Social Graphics


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