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BOOM – 3.0

Perfectly suited to newbies as well as seasoned internet marketers, BOOM! 3.0 provides you with the proven systems YOU NEED to create your successful signature offers, increase your following and monetize your vision.This program will give you more time to live life on your terms and have fun doing it.


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BOOM - 3.0

BOOM – 3.0

The Groundbreaking Program With EVERYTHING You Need To Build A Leveraged And Profitable Online Business
For Newbies, Seasoned Entrepreneurs and Even Complete Technophobes

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Bigger and better than ever, BOOM! 3.0 is your Fast-Track Formula to making money Online. Over the course of 12 weeks, join the other BOOM!ers who have achieved success with:

  • Proven Systems To Build Your Business Foundation, Create Powerful Offers and Profit Online.
  • Blueprints, Swipe Files (To Copy) and a Paint-By-Numbers Formula To Successful Sales Funnels and Email Sequences.
  • Strategies to Break Through Limiting Beliefs and Manage Your Mindset For Success.
  • Easy Methods For Creating Magnetic Content That Increases Engagement and Sales Conversions.
  • 8 Proven Traffic Getting Strategies To Have Your Ideal Audience Practically Begging You To Take Their Money.
  • How to Build a Team You Can Rely On To Support Your Dream and Make It a Reality.
We provide you with EVERYTHING you need from start to finish to build a successful and lucrative business with online strategies so you can finally LOVE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE.
And you’re taken through it STEP-BY-STEP.
So, if you’re sick of working your ass off feeling like a slave to your business; or if you’re stuck in a job you hate and you are DONE living by everyone else’s rules and expectations then,
BOOM! 3.0 is the program for you!
imagine if …

You could wake up every day and do whatever the hell you wanted to do.

You could spend more time with the people most important to you.

You could set your business up in a way that works while you don’t have to.

Imagine if you were given the roadmap to create the life of your dreams…

What Is The BOOM! Formula 3.0

Perfectly suited to newbies as well as seasoned internet marketers, BOOM! 3.0 provides you with the proven systems YOU NEED to create your successful signature offers, increase your following and monetize your vision.This program will give you more time to live life on your terms and have fun doing it.

You will have access to our proven “paint-by-numbers” methodologies, tools and checklists.

We walk you through everything step by step as you dream, plan and create your personal winning strategy for success.
You’ll discover how to create magnetic content, reach more people and drive a constant stream of traffic to your signature programs.
Be prepared to plan your lifestyle, define your brand, connect with your audience and maximize your profit.
Whether your dream is to create a fully automated online program, workshop or seminar, an island retreat, a coaching package or a year-long mastermind. This program will help you get there.
BOOM! 3.0 is an investment in your business AND your lifestyle
What are the Modules?
  • This step is all about thinking big. Dream up your ultimate lifestyle then reverse engineer a specific action plan outlining the steps that will get you to your goals.
  • We’ll go through exercises to discover your “jam” (aka what you love to do), so that everything you do is in alignment with those values.
  • The Unique Lifestyle Number process will help you define in detail EXACTLY what your ultimate lifestyle will cost.
  • You’ll get to crunch your numbers with our BOOM! profit calculator to discover how easy it is to achieve your NEW REALITY.
  • Discover the programs, online software and tools you need NOW to run your business and support your business growth.
  • Finally, delve deep with our exclusive 30-Minute Increments exercise to identify exactly where you’re spending your time so you can discover how to do what you love and delegate what you don’t.
  • Smash through your personal glass ceiling to arrive at a new normal you’ve only ever dreamed of before.
  • Release the negativity and any limitations you hold restricting you from what might be possible.
  • Get crystal clear on what you want to invite into your life as you break down the walls and blocks getting in your way.
  • Learn how to live and work in alignment with your “jam” and ideal lifestyle.
  • Discover the strategies you can use anytime to shift your mindset, stay on your path of genius and manifest your success.
  • Attract clients who become your new best friends because they’re just as much fun to work with as they are to hang out with.
  • Learn the industry secrets on how to get published on major media outlets like CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com and use media logos on your site.
  • Get everything you need to create your own WordPress website in 15 minutes with a single click of a button. Seriously, even the least techy peeps can do it!
  • Use our 25-point Branding Checklist with everything you need to design a brand you’re proud of—including everything for your social media layouts and website.
  • Discover the secrets behind what makes a great website, our Ultimate Must Have Plugins and the specific website layouts that will get you the biggest following.
  • We’ll even help you choose the right platforms to attract more clients to your blog (AKA online TV show), and show you how to use it to build your list and get more clients.
  • Build a massive list of loyal followers who will be desperate to buy your stuff.
  • Learn the best list builders for your audience including how to optimize social media, podcasting, writing a book and Facebook live.
  • Our 7-day video challenge will help you build momentum online, build an audience and connect with your tribe through videos.
  • Discover the uber successful Facebook Client Harvesting Technique to build your audience and the foolproof ways you can increase your following.
  • At the end of this module, you’ll be able to make it easy for people to know you, like you and WANT you and your offer.

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BOOM – 3.0
BOOM – 3.0


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