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Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program

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Blaine Bartlett - The Master Coach Training Program

Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program

Important Note: To all enterprising and aspiring coaches who are ready to move out of mediocrity and make a significant impact on this planet…

Learn How to Live a Life Full of Growth and Contribution And Create Financial And Emotional Abundance – Simply By Doing What You Love

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Welcome to Master Coach Training: The first ever self paced Training Program for aspiring coaches which brings together an experienced coach of 25 years with time-tested and proven coaching methodologies and a young, thriving coach with powerful modern day marketing practices to train you on creating an outstanding, fulfilling and prosperous coaching practice.

The easiest and painless way for you to become the coach you know you’re meant to be, get the perfect clients, create the monthly income you want and finally make coaching your full-time career.

This exclusive and brand new coaching program is for you if you’re:

  • An aspiring coach who desires to work with clients one-on-one, truly make an impact and make a contribution instead of living a meaningless, mediocre life
  • Brand new to coaching and have never worked with clients before (Don’t worry, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the process step by step).
  • Worried and stressed out about whether you’re going to be able to make a consistent income that allows you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Following a no-excuses policy and are willing to work smart, not hard and following what millions of coaches have done to create thriving businesses.
  • Ready to answer your inner calling instead of ignoring it until it hurts

This one-of-a-kind program is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Not sure whether you want to be successful as a coach and have coaching as your full-time career.
  • Addicted to the struggle and happy to wait months or years to find clients and get real results.
  • Not fully committed to your goals or willing to learn what’s necessary to achieve them.
  • But since you’re still here reading this letter… I know that this is not you!

Look, here’s the truth:

The fact that you haven’t started your coaching practice yet is NOT because “it’s not meant to be”. It’s NOT because you don’t deserve to follow your passions and live your purpose. And it’s not “your fault” that you didn’t take that big leap yet.

You simply didn’t know WHO you should trust with this. WHO you should learn from.

You haven’t had a successful coach to give you clear guidance, proven strategies and personal feedback on how to answer your inner calling, start the coaching practice of your dreams, find consistent clients and generate the income you want (and deserve!).

Which is exactly why we’ve created Master Coach for you!

Here’s What Master Coach Will Do For You As An Aspiring Coach:

Combining the best strategies, frameworks, tools and systems of our Master Coaches and implementing them for yourself when you join us for Master Coach will enable you to…


Get World-Class Results For Your Clients

In Master Coach, you’ll learn to create a process that is client-led, not coach-directed, so that you can form a compassionate partnership and synergy with your client… without getting trapped in psychotherapy or healing sessions. You’ll learn the holistic coaching approach, leveraging three of the most influential coaching models existing today — The Seasons Model, The Performance Focus Model and The Somatic Coaching Model, catering to the mental, emotional and physical needs of your clients. No matter what challenge your client is going to face, YOU are will be perfectly equipped to handle it.

Get Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program at the CourseAvai


Become An Excellent Leader

You’ll learn how to be a leader… but you’ll lead “from behind the curtains”. Your place is to become that voice in the client’s head that they can’t ignore — not because the voice knows the answers, but because it keeps asking questions that compel movement, growth and expansion. You’ll discover how to focus on excellence instead of perfection, (because it’s excellence that keeps the action moving forward) and how to provide your clients with a greater capacity to produce results and enhanced confidence in their ability to do so. Your clients will never leave coaching feeling like they need to rely on a coach in order to produce similar results in the future.


Earn The Income You Want And Deserve

I’m not promising you that you will go “from rags to riches” in your first year of business or something ridiculous like that. But what I do promise? Is that you WILL dramatically increase your income (like other people who’ve joined this program and went from zero clients to making $10,000 in just 2 days). You WILL be able to upgrade your lifestyle a couple notches (no matter whether that’s traveling the world, shopping without feeling guilty or simply telling your friends that dinner is on you). And you WILL be able to make an impact and transform people’s lives for the better full time.


Get Confidence And Certainty To Truly Make An Impact

Just because you’re able to coach others, doesn’t meant that you don’t need to work on your own mindset. In Master Coach we will shift you away from feeling small, unworthy or insecure and towards feeling confident and certain as a coach. These are the core qualities that make a successful coach who truly impacts the lives of people all across the globe and makes a valuable contribution. And the skill-sets you’ll develop during your training with Master Coach will allow you to do exactly that – with joy and ease.


Create An Ongoing Impact Through Your Sessions

When you join us for the Master Coach training program, you’ll also learn how to execute the three essential phases of a coaching interaction to make an ongoing and sustainable impact in your clients’ lives.

The three essential phases are:

1. Defining a relevant context for the coaching.

2. Jointly developing a structure that allows for the coaching to unfold.

3. Executing within this structure.

You’ll discover how to support your client on their quest, based on the concept of the classic hero’s journey


Let Your Ideal Clients Find You

In Master Coach, Jessica Nazarali will teach you the exact strategies, structures and tools she used (and still uses) to build a multiple 6-figure coaching business within her first year. She packaged all those strategies into an easy-to-implement step by step system for you to follow and Jessica is also going to be there to personally guide and support you along the way. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding new clients and learn how to let them find you instead!


Design Premium Packages Your Clients Love

A premium package allows you to charge premium prices and only work with a handful of selected dream clients. This way you’re never undercharging or undervaluing yourself and your services as a coach. You also make sure that your clients get ultimate results because you’re not drained or exhausted and can give to them fully. But even better? The ability to design and sell premium packages also gives you the flexibility to travel and live the lifestyle you crave.


Market Yourself Authentically

I know that you don’t want to be a marketing expert… you want to be a coach! But in Master Coach you’ll learn Jessica Nazarali’s personal marketing formulas that will accelerate your business success without you having to sacrifice your authenticity. (She runs a million Dollar coaching business for a reason!) What does that mean? It means that you’ll feel good and confident about leading sales conversations, writing your sales page and putting yourself out there. No more feeling icky, guilty or ashamed when you ask for the sale.

Get Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program at the CourseAvai

Sale Page : http://www.evercoach.com/master-coach-training-program


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Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program
Blaine Bartlett – The Master Coach Training Program


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